I Love the Attitude

NYC’s Attitude

New Yorkers have one hell of an attitude.  We know what we want and know how to get it.  I think that the entirety of New England is infected with the same thought process.  Infected is the wrong word, because having a “get it done” attitude isn’t an infection – it’s a blessing.

I talked about NYC’s Pace in my last post.  This post is all about the attitude.  When I go to the gym I want to get it done.  When I go to a chiropractor – I want to get better quick.  Here’s my chiropractor’s website if your back to feel better quick too.

Some things come to mind when I think about New York City’s Attitude:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Being on the Cutting Edge
  • Steering the Fashion Industry
  • Caring about Your Health
  • Going BIG or Going Home

It’s all about NYC

Quick story – I had one of my cousins up from Connecticut recently.  He arrived in a car… (bad call number one) claiming that he loved driving to the city.  My cousin said it was nice driving with other aggressive drivers, because in his hometown all the drivers there don’t know where the gas pedal is.  LOL.

OK – I’m getting off track.  Back to my story!  So he decided to just walk to his class in the morning, he was taking some kind of health & wellness class in Manhattan.  This kid has no idea what train to go on whatsoever.  He figured he’d just talk to people and figure it out.

He might as well been born in NYC because that’s exactly what he did.  He talked his way up and down the city until finding the right transfer point to hop on the right train.  It was literally unbelievable.  My uncle will come down for a evening and need a essay of step-by-step directions.

I asked him – “were you worried?”.  He replied, like a typical new yorker, “I never get worried”.  That’s the NYC attitude.  See you don’t need to be from the boroughs to have an attitude like that.  You just need confidence and the WILL to back it up.  He had both of those qualities without a doubt.

This about wraps it up.

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I Love the Pace

NYC’s Pace

Only in New York do you get what you want now without being rude.  Try asking for what you want without being all nice about it in Texas…  You’d be likely to get shot.  All those soft cowboys down there carry guns.  (think the movie brokeback mountain)

Nothing is better then walking up to a stand saying exactly what you want and getting exactly what you want quickly without all that nice nice bullshit.

The pace is amazingly quick in NYC.

  • People know what they want.
  • People get what they want.
  • People get what they want now.

That’s the way I like to live.  Cut somebody off on the highway… whatever it’s their fault they let you in.  That’s the way of life.  No one gets mad or pissed off.  People understand that it’s not advantageous to get emotional.

That’s how life should be…  don’t you agree?

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I love NYC.

Rdu loves NYC.

New York City is my home.  It is my rock.  I love every season in the city.  Soon you’ll appreciate the quirks, advantages and discoveries that I’ll be sharing with you in the following posts.

Let’s do this!